20% of Americans

report that they or a family member have skipped meds or cut them in half because drugs are so expensive.

Our stance

Drug price negotiations happen between pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and insurers behind closed doors, with little public oversight. This opaque process allows the negotiators to prioritize maximizing profits over keeping medication affordable for patients. It’s time we raise our voice and call on Congress to increase transparency in drug pricing.

Our effort

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Our goal is to amplify the devastating impacts this lack of transparency has on our health care system to get the attention of Congress. We’re collecting stories about how our current system:

  • Places unnecessary barriers between patients and physicians.
  • Puts treatments out of reach for patients. 
  • Deteriorates public health in the United States.

Discover their stories

Visit TruthinRx to read harrowing stories about how the lack of drug price transparency impacts our health care system.