How are telemedicine, opioid abuse and the EHR system affecting you and your patients?

  • How has your workflow changed since using the EHR system? Were staffing changes made as well?
  • What is it like to use and operate an EHR? Is it harder or easier to identify specific information?
  • Has your practice adopted the use of telemedicine technology? How did your patients respond?
  • Have you seen a rise in the number of patients who abuse and misuse opioids? In what ways are you combating the opioid epidemic?

Below, submit a written testimonial or share a YouTube video that answers one or more of the questions above.

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I am a corporate medical director of over 40 LTC facilities, and to my knowledge, few or none of the facilities are able to communicate by EHR's with acute care facilities or out of network LTC facilities electronically. And how is this going to be feasible since each LTC care facility may have referrals from several hospitals each with different EHR systems? Is each LTC facility going to... [+] More
We are being forced to implement a Dragon based speech recognition system to enter our dictations into the EMR. This is to "save" money on transcriptionists. Dragon is the same company that provides Voice recognition software for the auto industry and which is incorporated into voice activated controls in autos - this was the single largest source of owner dissatisfaction with new autos... [+] More