How are telemedicine, opioid abuse and the EHR system affecting you and your patients?

  • How has your workflow changed since using the EHR system? Were staffing changes made as well?
  • What is it like to use and operate an EHR? Is it harder or easier to identify specific information?
  • Has your practice adopted the use of telemedicine technology? How did your patients respond?
  • Have you seen a rise in the number of patients who abuse and misuse opioids? In what ways are you combating the opioid epidemic?

Below, submit a written testimonial or share a YouTube video that answers one or more of the questions above.

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My first EMR, at the time call A4 and now called Allscripts, had a steep learning curve and took 6 months to see any improvement in efficiency. Since then updates to comply with MU have slowed down the system and patient flow has dropped about 15%. But I left the office before that happened, and did Locums in New Zealand. Their national system, MedTech32, works well, produces useful documents,... [+] More
I am a hospital radiologist (32 years). My ER doctor colleagues (and friends) lament "You will never be able to figure out what I was thinking by reading the ER EMR." So true. When I am looking for a patient, I can't tell by the EMR if they are still in the ER, fully admitted, partially admitted (the 23 hour Clinical Decision Unit is still "ER"), discharged home or... [+] More