How are telemedicine, opioid abuse and the EHR system affecting you and your patients?

  • How has your workflow changed since using the EHR system? Were staffing changes made as well?
  • What is it like to use and operate an EHR? Is it harder or easier to identify specific information?
  • Has your practice adopted the use of telemedicine technology? How did your patients respond?
  • Have you seen a rise in the number of patients who abuse and misuse opioids? In what ways are you combating the opioid epidemic?

Below, submit a written testimonial or share a YouTube video that answers one or more of the questions above.

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We have had Medent since before 2005. It is an awesome system and has improved my workflow. MU has many aspects which are great such as portal communication with patients and the care visit summary is a great idea. However, communicating with other doctors via the system for referrals is not good. Other offices are not happy with us blasting them with these useless pages of information that is... [+] More
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a major distraction to medicine. Time lags between screens, dropped telecommunication reception, form after form completion, inadequate development of proper software, poor patches to software that often confound and disrupt previous versions of software make the practice of medicine extremely difficult. Combine that with reading regulations to comply with... [+] More