How are telemedicine, opioid abuse and the EHR system affecting you and your patients?

  • How has your workflow changed since using the EHR system? Were staffing changes made as well?
  • What is it like to use and operate an EHR? Is it harder or easier to identify specific information?
  • Has your practice adopted the use of telemedicine technology? How did your patients respond?
  • Have you seen a rise in the number of patients who abuse and misuse opioids? In what ways are you combating the opioid epidemic?

Below, submit a written testimonial or share a YouTube video that answers one or more of the questions above.

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good web cast. direct messaging works fairly well in getting digital electronic records from provider to provider using sure-scripts network. Our software has efficient address look up for providers now. Used to be slow. For financing software development public/private consortium to pool resources for cooperative development of interacting modules would help. Probably in frame work of quasi... [+] More
To be brief, a few aspects of the EHR our hospital uses (Epic, Verona WI) does some things well. My prescriptions are all legible and it is more rapid to use the EHR than to hand-write them. However, the designers of the software did not design the system to communicate in the manner that doctors use to communicate efficiently and effectively. The designers of the EHR of EHR software seem to... [+] More